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Welcome to—

The Gallery

(Last updated März 11, 2005)

Where the terror of your darkest nightmares are brought to
vivid life in different and horrifying mediums. See the shadows that linger
at the base of your fantasies, experience the chilling touch of the artist's brush
as they decipher the dreams of ancient evil into their own, horrifying ideas.

A collection of art from across the Internet portraying the
horrific dimensions of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos. Artists
were always considered the most susceptible to the influence of the Great Old
Ones, and you can see the Old Ones have been hard at work. Enjoy a
walk through visual terror, enjoy The Gallery.

The Gallery is divided into Exhibits, and each exhibit is entered through one
of the buttons below. A short description of the exhibit is given next to the button
for those who wish to know a little more of what they're getting into. Note that even
though most exhibits preview the works through thumbnails, it still may take a bit
of time to download the page. Currently, each exhibit is available in frames format
only. A no-frames version will become available at a later date. Enjoy your stay.

General Exhibits

A general posting of exhibits by various artists.

The Strange High House in the Mist

John Coulthart Exhibit

An artist from England, John's material is as hypnotic as it is terrifying.


Jim Doughty Exhibit

A web designer by trade, Jim's renditions of the Mythos are a must. New Format -
JavaScript Required.


Dave Carson Exhibit

Artist from the Dunwich Crafts shares his visions and art.



Mikkel Petersen Exhibit

Digital art by the owner of the Oceans Apart CoC game.

Lake Hali

Christian Matzke Exhibit

Master of Propping Up the Mythos, see his interpretation of the pages of the forbidden tomes.

Propping Up The Mythos by Christian Matzke

Daryl Hutchinson Exhibit

The designer and creator of the Cthulhu Mythos Tarot cards.

The Shining Traphezedron by Daryl Hutchinson

Christian Conkle Exhibit

A study into the mythos in pencil, color, and digital effects.

The Hounds of Tindalos by Christian Conkle
Anita Moore Exhibit

Self taught and winner of several Science Fiction art awards, check out Anita's interpretation of the mythos.

Cthulhu by Anita Moore

Are you an artist who dabbles in the Mythos?

Submit your works to The NetherReal for possible posting in one
of the exhibits. If it's good enough, you may even be offered an exhibit of your
own. To find out how, go to the Submissions Guidelines page.

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