When The Stars Are Right...

A timeline of the Cthulhu Mythos
Updated März 11, 2005 (new additions in yellow)

This page attempts to set a definitive time line to the events portrayed in the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. As I review stories, more and more events will be added. If you have an event you think should be listed here, use the following form to submit it to me. It doesn't have to come from a Lovecraft story, just so long as the story is of the Cthulhu Mythos.

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Another excellent source on the timelines of H.P. Lovecraft is The Chronology Out of Time: Dates in the Fiction of H. P. Lovecraft by Peter Cannon.

Note that in some stories, Lovecraft never gave a year to work from. Time lines for such stories are listed below, using the year that Lovecraft wrote the piece as its base.

c. 1,000,000,000 B.C.

The Great Race of Yith come to earth and occupy the bodies of the cone creatures in what is now Western Australia.

c. 300,000,000 B.C.

Beings of indescribable shape rear towers that reach to the sky and delve into the very secrets of nature.

c. 150,000,000 B.C.

Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee is abducted and his mind transferred with a Yithian for study purposes. Peaslee learns the past and future of the Yithians.

c. 50,000,000 B.C.

The Great Race of Yith disappear from the earth en masse into the future, occupying the race of beetle creatures who inherit the world from the human race.

c. 50,000 B.C.

Great, brown-headed people dominate and hold South Africa.

c. 15,000 B.C.

Crom-Ya, a Cimmerian chieftain, is subject to the mind transfer effect of the Great Race of Yith.


Month unknown

The Exham Priory is mentioned in a chronicle as being a substantial stone priory housing a strange and powerful monastic order.


Month unkown

Henry the Third grants the Exham Priory to Gilbert de la Poer, First Baron Exham.


Month unknown

An Anchester chronicle mentions a de la Poer as cursed of God.


Month unknown

Innsmouth, Massachusetts is founded.


Month unknown

Keziah Mason is arrested and tried as a witch. Under pressure from the interrogaters, she reveals the correlation between angles and curves and the ability to travel between dimensions. Mason escapes from her cell using the same concepts and disappears.


Month unknown

Reverend Abijah Hoadley preaches a sermon to the Congregational Church at Dunwich Village on the close presence of Satan and his imps. Reverend Hoadley disappears from existence soon afterward.

c. 1750-65

Year uncertain

Sir Wade Jermyn discovers the lost gray city of the Congo and marries the white ape-princess. After birthing a son, the three left the city for Jermyn House in England. Sir Wade and his wife returns to the lost city, where the ape-princess dies and is mummified. Sir Wade returns to England alone.


Month unknown

Sir Wade Jermyn, one of the earliest explorers of the Congo region of Africa, is committed to the madhouse in Huntingdon.


Month unknown

Sir Wade Jermyn dies while committed in Huntingdon.

c. 1780

Month unknown

Sir Phillip Jermyn marries the daughter of his gamekeeper.

c. 1783-84

Month unknown

Sir Phillip Jermyn becomes a merchant sailor and disappears off the shore of the Congo.


Month unknown

Sir Robert Jermyn marries the daughter of the Seventh Viscount Brightholme and is subsequently blessed with three children (the oldes and youngest both suffer a deformity which prevents them from ever being seen in public).


Month unknown

Nahum Gardner is born.


Month unknown

Ammi Pierce is born.


Month unknown

The group of villagers found by Captain Obed Marsh in the South Seas is decimated by other local villagers when it is discovered they worship, sacrifice to, and interbreed with the Deep Ones. The Sign of the Old Ones is scattered across the village and the small vocanic islet where the sacrifices are made to repel the Deep Ones.



Professor Enoch Bowen returns from his journey in Egypt to Providence, Rhode Island.


Professer Enoch Bowen purchases the Free-Will Church atop Federal Hill. Begins the Starry Wisdom cult.


29 - Doctor Drowne of the 4th Baptist Church in Providence, Rhode Island, warns against the Starry Wisdom cult in a sermon.


Month unknown

Locals of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, stumble upon devil-worshipping and sacrifices near the wharves of the town.

By the end of the year, the Starry Wisdom cult of Providence has grown to 97 members.


Month unknown

Captain Obed Marsh and thirty-two other members of the Esoteric Order Of Dagon are arrested on Devil’s Reef. No official charges are made, but Captain Marsh is held for a couple of weeks in jail. The Deep Ones, upset at the lack of human sacrifices, attacks Innsmouth and kills or carries off over half the population. The losses are attributed to epidimic. The human population of Innsmouth and the Deep Ones begin to interbreed.

The seaboard between Newburyport and Innsmouth undergoes drastic changes from lush vegetation to dead stumps and crumbling sea walls above drifting sands. Locals attribute the change to devil worship.

Captain Obed Marsh takes a second wife, Pth’thya-l’yi, one of the Deep Ones. He has three children by her.

Three disappearances occur in Providence, Rhode Island, all attributed to the Starry Wisdom cult. The first public mention of the Shining Trapezohedron is made.


Month unknown

Seven disappearances occur in Providence, Rhode Island, all attributed to the Starry Wisdom cult. Stories of blood sacrifices within the Free-Will Church begin.


Month unknown

Sir Robert Jermyn's second son, Nevil, runs away and marries a vulgar dancer.

Francis X. Feeney joins the Starry Wisdom cult in Providence, Rhode Island. Later confesses some of the secrets of the cult to Father O'Malley on his deathbed.


Month unknown

Nevil Jermyn returns to the family and is pardoned of his disgrace. He returns a widower and father of a son named Alfred.



19 - Sir Robert Jermyn is visited by Samuel Seaton. Samuel carries with him documented legends of the Onga tribes, some of which contain information about the lost gray city. The information drives Robert insane. Before he is subdued, he kills Samuel Seaton and all three of his children. Nevil dies in the successful defense of his son, Alfred.


Month unknown

An investigation is mounted against the Starry Wisdom cult in Providence, Rhode Island and its involvement in numerous disappearances, but comes to nothing.


Month unknown

Sir Robert Jermyn dies of apoplexy while in confinement. Alfred Jermyn becomes a baronet.


Month unknown

Orrin B. Eddy tells of how members of the Starry Wisdom cult summon the Hautner of the Dark by gazing into the depths of the Shining Trapezohedrom.


Month unknown

Professor William C. Webb tours Iceland and Greenland in search of Runic inscriptions. Discovers, instead, a degenerated tribe of Eskimos who practice an obscure form of devil worship.


Month unknown

The government draft opens in Innsmouth, Massachusetts, though no males are found able to meet the minimum standards.

By the end of the year, the Starry Wisdom cult has over 200 people in its congregation.


Month unknown

Benjamin Orner of Arkham, Massachusetts, is tricked into marrying the half-breed daughter of Captain Obed Marsh and Pth’thya-l’yi, a Deep One.


Month unknown

Eliza Orne is born in Arkham, Massachusetts. Eliza’s mother is daughter of Captain Obed marsh and Pth’thya-l’yi, a Deep One.


Month unknown

Irish boys mob the Free-Will Church in Providence, Rhode Island after Patrick Regan disappears.


Month unknown

Sir Alfred Jermyn joins a band of music-hall performers.



14 - A veiled article about the Starry Wisdom cult appears in a Providence newspaper referred to as J. (Journal ?).


Month unknown

Tiara of Dagon is pawned in Newburyport by an Innsmouth man. Man is soon after killed in a brawl. The tiara is purchased directly from the pawnbroker by the Newburyport Historical Society and is put on display.


Month unknown

Six more disappearances occur in Providence, Rhode Island, directly linked with the Starry Wisdom cult. Mayor Doyle is called upon by a secret committee to do something about the cult.



Action against the Starry Wisdom cult is promised by city council.


The Free-Will Church is closed.


A gang of Federal Hill boys threaten a doctor of some prominence and the vestrymen of the Free-Will Church.

End of year

The standing congregation of 181 people in the Starry Wisdom cult leave Providence, Rhode Island.


Month unknown

Captain Obed Marsh dies.


Month unknown

Ghost stories about the Free-Will Church atop Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island, begin.



12 - George Birch, undertaker of Peck Valley, begins the task of burying the winter's dead as the ground becomes soft enough to dig in. Only buries one body, that of Darius Peck.

15 - George Birch becomes trapped in the internment tomb when a wind blows the door shut and the latch breaks. Takes most of the evening to dig a way out.

16 - Upon trying to scramble out of the vault in which he was trapped, George Birch's feet fall through the lid of a casket and the spirit of Asaph Sawyer shreds his legs and ankles, this done in revenge for Birch cutting Sawyer's feet off at the ankles to fit him in a casket.



A meteor falls on Nahum Garder’s property next to his well. Three professors from Miskatonic University investigate, finding the composition of the stone unidentifiable.


Nahum Gardner experiences a bountiful harvest near the impact area of the meteorite. Unfortunately, the fruit of his labor is ruined, tasteless and unsellable.



The McGregor boys from Meadow Hill discover the strange effects of the Gardner meteorite on the local wildlife.


The trees at the Gardner farm begin to bud early. Nahum’s second son, Thaddeus, swears the branches sway without the wind.


The country-folk begin disuse of the road that goes by the Gardner farm because of the strange vegetation.


Insects overrun the Garder farm. The other members of the Gardner family now notice the strange swaying of the trees. People begin to see the strange nocturnal glow that infests the farm after dark.


Nabby Gardner goes insane.


Nabby Gardner ceases to speak and Nahum notices a glow about her. Something spooks Nahum’s horses in the barn and they stampede. All have to be shot. Vegetation around the well turns gray and brittle.


Thaddeus Gardner goes mad after visiting the well, tittering and whispering about "the moving colours down there." The mortality among Gardner livestock rises sharply.


19 - Thaddeus Gardner dies, victim of the gray brittle death of the Colour Out of Space.

22 - Merwin Gardner is killed by the Colour Out Of Space in the well.


Ammi Pierce visits the Gardner farm after not hearing from Nahum for over two weeks. Ammi finds Nahum barely alive, although the rest of his family is dead. Something kills Nahum while Ammi is in the house. Ammi contacts the police, who return to the farm the same day to investigate. While there, they empty the well and disturb the Colour Out Of Space, sending it back into the heavens.


Month unknown

Sir Alfred Jermyn deserts his wife and child and joins the circus. Alfred meets his death at the hands of one of the circus gorillas when he suddenly attacks it. The beast is momentarily bested, but attacks back and kills Alfred.


Month unknown

Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee becomes an instructor of political economy at Miskatonic University.


Month unknown

Nathaniel Peaslee marries Alice Keezar of Haverhill.


Month unknown

Robert Peaslee is born of Nathaniel and Alice Peaslee.


Month unknown

Wingate Peasleee is born of Nathaniel and Alice Peaslee.


Month unknown

Hannah Peaslee is born of Nathaniel and Alice Peaslee.


Month unknown

Herbert West attempts his first experiment at the reanimation of a human corpse. The experiment is successful, but the corpse escapes.


Month unknown

Drs. Torres and Munoz’ experimentation with preserving life after death meets with some success. Dr. Torres dies a first time, but is revived. Dr. Torres dies of shock from the process.


Arkham, Massachusetts is overcome with a typhoid plague. The peak of the plague occurs in August.


14 - Dr. Allan Halsey dies while fighting the typhoid plague in Arkham, Massachusetts.

15 - Dr. Allan Halsey is buried.

16 - Early morning (2 a.m.). Herbert West reanimates Dr. Halsey's corpse. The corpse escapes.

16-17 - A series of gruesome murders plagues Arkham.

17-18 - Dr. Halsey's corpse is trapped and interred at Sefton Asylum.



Herbert West reanimates the corpse of Buck Robinson, a black boxer killed in an illegal boxing match in Bolton, Massachusetts. Thinking the initial experiment a failure, West buries Robinson's body in the fields behind his house. The next evening, Robinson's corpse shows up covered with mud and eating the dismembered arm of a child. West shoots Robinson six times.



31 - An unknown terror visits a group of squatters in the swamps south of New Orleans. Some women and children disappear and hideous screams are heard from the depths of the swamps.


1 - Squatters summon the New Orleans police to the swamps. Police discover the Cthulhu Cult. Forty-seven worshippers are arrested, five are killed, and two are severely wounded. Police estimate a total of near one hundred worshippers are orginally in the area. The Statue of Cthulhu is discovered and confiscated by police.


Month unknown

The American Archaeological Society holds it annual convention in St. Louis, Missouri. Inspector John Legrasse of the New Orleans police department brings the Statue of Cthulhu for investigation.


14 - A queer amnesia overcomes Nathaniel Peaslee quite suddenly at approximately 10:20 a.m. This amnesia would last until 1913.

15 - At 3 a.m., Nathaniel Peaslee opens his eyes and begins to speak, though in an expression and language that frightens his family.


Month unknown

Nathaniel Peaslee spends a month in the Himalayas.


Month unknown

Alice Peaslee receives a legal divorce from Nathaniel Peaslee.


Herbert West turns to murder in order to procur fresh corpses for his experiments.

18 - Herbert West's colleague and assistant discovers West's method of procurment.


Month unknown

After the death of his mother, Sir Arthur Jermyn begins exploring the Congo region of Africa to continue the work of his ancestors. There he meets Mwanu, an ancient tribal chief, who confirms the existence of the lost gray city.

Nathaniel Peaslee takes a camel trip into the unknown deserts of Arabia.


Month unknown

Sir Arthur Jermyn discovers the lost gray city described by his ancestor, Sir Wade Jermyn. He finds out about the mummified ape-princess, and hires M. Verhaeren, a Belgian agent at a trading post, to acquire the artifact for him.


Nathaniel Peaslee charters a ship and sails in the Arctic, north of Spitzbergen.



2 - Wilbur Whateley and his twin brother are born at 5 a.m. in Dunwich, Massachusetts.


M. Verhaeren sends a letter to Sir Arthur Jermyn, telling him that he has purchased the mummified remains of the ape-princess. Verhaeren sends the mummy and promises it to be in Arthur's possession within a month.


Nathaniel Peaslee's interest in strange things and places begins to wain.


Nathanial Peaslee returns to Arkham and reopens the long-closed house in Crane Street. Once there, he begins to set up a strange mechanical device, a queer mixture of rods, wheels, and mirrors, about two feet tall, one foot wide, and one foot thick.

3 - Sir Arthur Jermyn receives the boxed mummy of the ape-princess from the Congo. Opening it in solitude, he discovers the strong family resemblance between the mummy and himself. His fears are further confirmed when he discovers a necklace bearing the Jermyn Coat of Arms. Arthur douses himself with oil and burns himself to death.


26 - Nathaniel Peaslee dismisses his housekeeper and maid until noon the next day. The lights in the house burn till late, and a lean, dark, curiously foreign looking man called in an automobile.

27 - At about 1 a.m., the lights in Nathaniel Peaslee's house go out.

27 - At 2:15 a.m., a policeman observes Nathaniel Peaslee's house with all light out, but with the stranger's auto still at the curb.

27 - 4:00 a.m., the stranger's auto outside Nathaniel Peaslee's house is gone.

27 - 6:00 a.m., Dr. Wilson receives an anonymous phone call from the North Station in Boston to go to Nathaniel Peaslee's house and revive him from a faint. Upon arriving there, Dr. Wilson finds Nathaniel unconscious in his sitting room. At 11:15 a.m., Nathaniel stood up vigorously and began to show signs of recovery. The expression on his face reminded Dr. Wilson of Peaslee's old self prior to 1908. At 12:00 a.m., Nathaniel resumed in his lecture which was so abruptly interrupted by his amnesia on May 14, 1908.


31 - Wilbur Whateley is spotted running up the slope of Sentinel Hill with his mother by Silas Bishop.



Wilbur Whateley begins to talk.


Nathaniel Peaslee begins to work again. He is haunted by vague dreams and queer ideas. Over the next few years and up till 1935, these dreams and ideas take on visual and auditory substance.


Nathaniel Peaslee begins to have infrequent dreams of strange floatings over the city of his dreams.


Wilbur Whateley grows to the size of a child of four.

Month unknown

Unnamed sailor is taken prisoner by a German warship in the Pacific. He escapes and discovers a vast, uncharted island of mud, presumably risen from the sea. After traversing the expanse for over three days, he spies a column marked with strange glyphs and the creature Dagon retrieving it.


Month unknown

Herbert West and his colleague go to Flanders as members of the Canadian Medical Corps during World War I.

The dreams and visions Nathaniel Peaslee experience become so intense that he is forced to quit work.


Herbert West reanimates the decapitated corpse of Major Sir Eric Moreland Clapman-Lee. An intensive German artillery barrage keeps West from destroying the corpse.


Nathaniel Peaslee sees the first of the Great Race of Yith in his dreams.

1 - Recording of mysterious religious rites between Mi-Go and a human counterpart (later identified as Mr. Noyes) is recorded by Henry Akeley at Lee’s Swamp.

1 - Tremors rattle Dunwich, Massachusetts, and are felt as far away as Aylesburg, Massachusetts.


31 - Underground rumblings shake Dunwich, Massa. Townsfolk attribute the disturbance to them witch Whateley’s doin’s.


Month Unknown

Alfred Delapores is sent to England as an aviation officer during World War I. While there, he learns of the legends surrounding Exham Priory and arranges for his father to purchase the place.

Nathaniel Peaslee enrolls in special course in psychology at Miskatonic University in order to better decipher his dreams.


18 - The German submarine U-29 sinks the British Freighter Victory and kills all hands on board. Surbmerges and resurfaces at dusk. Crew finds the corpse of a sailor from the Victory clinging to the rails. In the corpse's pocket, crew finds an ivory head. Throws corpse overboard.

19 - Boatswain Müller is put into irons after babbling on about seeing the corpse swimming by the portholes of the submarine in the lead of other corpses. Seamen Schmidt and Bohm become violently ill.

20 - Seaman Schmidt and Bohm are executed by Lt. Cdr. Heinrich when they become violently insane.

29 - An explosion in the boiler room of U-29 cripples the ship. It still has the ability to submerge and rise, but it cannot propel itself. The submarine is left to the mercy of the current.


2 - An American ship is spotted by the crew of U-29. Seaman Traub tries to lead the crew to surrender, but Lt. Cdr. Heinrich shoots him.

3 - The U-29 is force to submerge due to bad weather. When it tries to rise to the surface, it finds itself unable to do so.

4 - General mutiny breaks out on U-29. Lt Cdr Heinrich quells the mutiny and shoots the mutineers.


12 - Lt. Klenze, first mate of U-29, goes completely mad. He commits suicide by exiting the crippled submarine and drowning.

13 - Lt. Cdr Heinrich discovers lost Atlantis as his submarine settles to the bottom of the ocean. Over the next few days, he conducts minor underwater explorations from the crippled U-29.

20 - Lt. Cdr. Heinrich leaves his submarine for the last time to follow the lights he sees in a sunken temple. He releases his manuscript in a bottle, which is found later on the coast of Yucatan.


Month Unknown

The Exham Priory is purchased by the Delapores family. Delapores delays restoration to care for his son, Alfred, who is injured during the war.


Month unknown

Nathaniel Peaslee begins to feel more comfortable with his strange dreams after extensive and satisfying research into the subject.


Month unknown

Dr. Allan Halsey escapes from the Sefton Asylum with the aid of a group of silent men led by a menacing military figure.

Herbert West is brutally killed (?) by a silent tomb legion led by Sir Eric Clapman-Lee.


Delapores visits Edward Norrys in Anchester, England, and sees, for the first time, Exham Priory.


Month unknown

Nathaniel Peaslee is finally at ease enough with his dreams that his can continue with a normal life.


Month unknown

Old Whateley begins building on to and remodeling his house, especially in the attic area.


16 - After two years of restoration, Delapore moves into Exham Priory and retakes the original name of de la Poer.


The gasoline pumps which sustain life and prevent the decay of Dr. Torres limbs through an ammonia heat absorption unit fails. Dr. Torres dies a second death.



1 - (Lammas Day) Old Whateley dies.



28 - Earthquake hits New England. Henry Wilcox dreams of Cyclopean cities and hears the dreaded phrase "Cthulhu fhtagn."

28 - Artists and poests report various degrees of horrific dream states, the intensity of which were stronger during Henry Wilcox’s delirium. The affect lasts until April 2nd.


1 - Henry Wilcox visits Professor Angell with the bas-relief he created from a dream the night before. Professor Angell insists that Wilcox report any more such dreams to him immediately.

1 - (February 28 EST) The Alert sets sail from Dunedin rather hastily after strange storms and earth tremors.

2-22 - Henry Wilcox reports new and terrible dreams of Cyclopean, dripping backgrounds and unnamed horrors to Professor Angell daily. The two sounds most frequently identified during this period is Cthulhu and R’lyeh.

22-23 - New York policemen are mobbed by hysterical Levantines.

22-23 - The Emma encounters the Alert and a battle ensues. All hands on the Alert, as well as three of the crewmembers of the Emma, are killed. Gustaf Johansen and seven shipmates commandeer the Alert. Johansen discovers R’lyeh and accidentally releases Cthulhu from his tomb. Johansen escapes aboard the Alert with only one other crewmember who dies soon afterward.

23 - Henry Wilcox is stricken with fever and is taken to his family home on Waterman Street. Wilcox’s dreams intensify and are now infested with a gigantic thing miles high.

23 - Scattered cases of uneasy but formless nocturnal impressions are reported. Reports continue until April 2nd.

25 - The Vigilant sets sail from Valparaiso.


2 - All traces of Henry Wilcox’s strange malady completely disappear at about 3 p.m.. All memories of what had occured since March 22 are gone as well.

2 - Exceptionally heavy storms drive the Vigilant south off course. R’lyeh sinks beneath the ocean.

12 - Gustaf Johansen aboard the derelict Alert is spotted and rescued by the crew of the

18 - Arcticle describing the rescue of Gustaf Johansen adrift in the Alert appears in the Sydney Bulletin.


Month unknown

Lavinia Whateley expresses a deep fear of Wilbur Whateley to Mamie Bishop.


31 - Lavinia Whateley disappears.


Month unknown

Surveyors investigate the area west of Arkham, Massachusetts, to begin groundwork for a new reservoir. The surveyor meets Ammi Pierce and learns of Blasted Heath.


Wilbur Whateley repairs two sheds in the farmyard and moves his books and effects to one of them.


16 - Narrator of The Shadow Over Innsmouth travels by bus from Newburyport, Massachusetts to Innsmouth on his way to Arkham. Encounters the bleak history of Innsmouth as told by Zadok Allen. He is chased through the dark streets of Innsmouth from his room at the Gilman House.


3 - Vermont floods, shortly after which local folk report strange, bloated bodies of unknown creatures floating in swollen streams and rivers.


Wilbur Whateley visits Miskatonic University to study the library’s copy of the Necronomicon. Asks Dr. Armitage to allow him to borrow the copy, but was quickly refused. Subsequent trips to Cambridge and Widener Libaries to borrow their copies were fruitless.


Month unknown

The Journal of the American Psychological Society publishes a series of articles written by Nathaniel Peaslee about his dreams. They gain little attention.


Walter Gilman begins to experience strange dreams of alternate dimensions. The dreams are accompanied by a strange, lingering fever.

U.S. Government forces conduct a vast series of raids in Innsmouth, Massachusetts, followed by the deliberate burning and dynamiting of an enormous number of houses along the waterfront. A submarine fires torpedoes into the abyss at the base of Devil’s Reef, partially destroying the Deep Ones’ city of Y’ha-nthlei.


Keziah Mason begins to appear along side Brown Jenkins in Walter Gilman’s dreams. Toward the end of March, Gilman begins showing an uncanny knack for solving Riemannian equations.


Joe Mazurewicz begins to pray in earnest to keep Keziah Mason at bay as May Eve approaches.

1 - Walter Gilman worries considerably because his slow fever has not abated. Reports of his recent sleepwalking adds to his worries.

16 - Walter Gilman goes to the doctor’s office and is surprised to find his fever is not as bad as he feared. The doctor refers him to a nerve specialist.

19 - Walter Gilman experiences full interdimensional travel for the first time, travelling to an alternate world of excessive gravity.

20 - Walter Gilman travels to a world of horrific beauty and brings back an artifact that turns out to raise quite a furor at the university because of its strangeness.

21 - Keziah Mason takes Walter Gilman to stand before Nyarlathotep. Nyarlathotep shows Gilman the book he must sign since he now knows how to travel between dimensions. Gilman refuses to sign and is bit on the left wrist by Brown Jenkin.

22 - Walter Gilman takes the spiky image to Frank Elwood’s room and explains everything that has happened to him so far. Elwood invites Gilman to stay in his room for a short while. While there the first few nights, Gilman enjoys uninterrupted sleep.

23 - Summary on local and mythological folklore by A. Wilmarth is printed in the Brattleboro Reformer.

27 - A fresh rathole appears in Frank Elwood’s room.

28 - Walter Gilman begins to dream again. He accompanies Keziah Mason, Brown Jenkin, and Nyarlathotep when they kidnap Anastasia Wolejko, a two-year-old child of a laundry

29 - Walter Gilman awakes to find his feet and pajamas covered with mud.

30 - Walter Gilman witness Keziah Mason preparing to sacrifice the Wolejko child. He stops her and kills her. Brown Jenkin kills the child.


1 - Brown Jenkin kills Walter Gilman by burrowing through his body and devouring his heart.

25 - Henry Akeley sends first letter to Albert Wilmarth, explaining he has conclusive proof that creatures sighted floating in Vermont rivers and streams do, indeed, exist.


18 - Telegram received by Albert Wilmarth from Henry Akeley notifying him that Akeley was expressing the Black Stone he spoke of in his letters to Wilmarth by train. The stone never arrives.

Narrator of The Shadow Over Innsmouth learns the truth of his heritage and plans to return to the city of the Deep Ones with his cousin.


3 - Wilbur Whateley attempts to steal the Miskatonic University’s copy of the Necronomicon. Whateley is killed by the university’s watch dog and is discovered by Dr. Armitage and two colleagues for what he really is. The body disappears into a pool of white, sticky material.

12 - Henry Akeley’s farmhouse comes under gunfire and three of Akeley’s twelve dogs are found dead in the morning.

15 - Alber Wilmarth receives a frantic letter from Henry Akeley explaining the attack on August 12-13, 1928.

28 - Albert Wilmarth receives a letter from Henry Akeley stating he is ready to give up and leave, moving to California with his son.


2 - Dr. Armitage finally deciphers the journals of Wilbur Whateley.

4 - Professor Rice and Dr. Morgan visits a besieged Dr. Armitage and walk away from the meeting ashen faced and trembling.

5 - Letter from Henry Akeley arrives at Albert Wilmarth’s, telling of more gunfire and of his dogs attacking something which landed on his roof. Five more dogs are found dead from gunshots. Letter is dated September 3.

6 - A second letter arrives at Albert Wilmarth’s from Henry Akeley, informing Wilmarth that the Mi-Go are now talking directly to Akeley from outside his house.

7 - A third letter arrives at Albert Wilmarth’s from Henry Akeley. Akeley relays he has actually touched a dead Mi-Go, one his dogs apparently killed. Akeley also divulges that you can’t actually photograph a Mi-Go for some unknown reason.

8 - Albert Wilmarth receives a letter from Henry Akeley dated September 6. The letter shows a 180 degree turn around in Akeley’s attitude toward the Mi-Go. Akeley admits a truce and alliance with the creatures and bids Wilmarth visit his farm.

9 - Albert Wilmarth telegrams Henry Akeley, telling him he will visit Akeley’s farm on September 12. Wilmarth receives a confirmation telegram that night.

9 - The horror of Dunwich breaks loose.

10 - Luther Brown reports the horror rampaging through the countryside.

10 - The horror of Dunwich attacks the Frye farm, killing or devouring all the livestock in the barn. Only a quarter of the livestock can be found, either dead or in such a state that they had to be killed.

12 - Dr. Armitage discovers the horror of Dunwich is loose in an obscure article in the Arkham Advertiser about a creature imagined by bootleg whiskey drunk townfolk in Dunwich.

12  - Albert Wilmarth goes to Brattleboro station and is met there by Mr. Noyes. He is driven to Akeley’s farmhouse where a Mi-Go disguised as Akeley explains the history of the Mi-Go to him. Later that evening, Wilmarth overhears the Mi-Go and their human allies talking. After discovering the ruse, Wilmarth flees the Akeley farm in Akeley’s Ford.

13 - Albert Wilmarth returns to Henry Akeley’s farm with the Townshend sheriff in tow. Discovers Akeley has disappeared from the face of the earth.

13 - The horror of Dunwich attacks the Frye farm again, destroying the house. No trace of any thing living or dead was found. The Frye family disappears.

14 - Dr. Armitage, Dr. Morgan, and Professor Rice set out for Dunwich.

15 - Dr. Armitage and his colleagues face and defeat the Dunwich horror.



 2 - The Miskatonic University Expedition sets sail aboard the brig Arkham and the barque Miskatonic from Boston to the Antartic.


20 - The Miskatonic University Expedition crosses the Antartic Circle and encounters considerable field ice.

26 - The Miskatonic University Expedition sights their first glimpse of the Antartic (Admiralty Range).


7 - The Miskatonic University Expedition passes Franklin Island.

8 - The Miskatonic University Expedition sights Mt. Erebus and Mt. Terror on Ross Island.

9 - The Miskatonic University Expedition lands on Ross Island and begins its exploration of Antartica.


13-15 - Professor Pabodie, along with two graduate students—Gedney and Carroll—make their arduous and triumphant ascent of Mt. Nansen.



6 - Members of the Miskatonic University Expedition fly over the South Pole on one of many observation flights.

22 - Professor Lake of the Miskatonic University Expedition leads a subexpedition from the main camp northwest in hopes of finding new fossils and samples.

23 - Professor Lake's subexpedition discovers a cave in the foothills of the Mountains of Madness. The cave yields extensive fossils, along with 14 frozen bodies of the Old Ones. Lake has the specimens taken to camp. The dogs become vicious and must be seperated from the specimens. Lake attempts to dissect one of the damaged Old Ones.

24 - All contact between the base camp, McMurdo Sound, and Lake's subexpedition is lost. A storm of unbelieveable strength pours from the west, destroying what is left of the subcamp. Of the specimens collected, the 8 Old Ones still in good condition thaw from hibernation and are awaken by the dogs attacking them. The Old Ones kill everyone in the camp and leave to return to the Plateau of Leng. With them they bring two specimens for further study of their own, a human and a dog.

25 - A single plan makes for the Lake camp. Everyone is found dead. The camp is in utter ruins. Dyer believes Gedney went insane and killed everyone, accounting for his missing corpse.

26 - Dyer and Dansforth fly over the Mountains of Madness. There they discover the Plateau of Leng and the City of Leng. They barely escape with their lives from a Shoggoth.

27 - Dyer and Dansforth return to the base camp, but swear prior to their arrival never to tell a single soul what they've discovered. Dansforth goes mad.

28 - All planes and material still available return to McMurdo Sound.


2 - The Miskatonic and the Arkham, with all hands on board, set sail for Boston, cutting the Miskatonic University Expedition drastically short.


A gale wrecks the roof and great chimney of the Witch-House.


Workman and police discovered bones and other artifacts amongst the rubble of the upper rooms in the Witch-House. Children's bones, along with bones of other animals, or things, were found in abundance. A silver bowl and sacrificial dagger were found, as was the bones of a rat-like creature with hands and feet like a human.



18 - Robert Mackenzie writes a letter to Nathaniel Peaslee, telling him about the strange blocks of stone he discovered in Western Australia and how they correspond with those of his dreams.


10 - Nathaniel Peaslee receives the letter from Robert Mackenzie, which was originally sent to the American Psychological Society and forwarded to him. After discussion with his son and others from Miskatonic University, Peaslee prepares to go on an expedition into Australia to study the stones.

Winter (month unknown)

Robert Blake returns to Providence, Rhode Island from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and takes up residence on College Street. Through the winter into early 1935, Blake produces five of his best short stories and paints seven canvases.


First part of year

Robert Mackenzie comes to Arkham to assist Nathaniel Peaslee in preparing for his expedition.


28 - Aboard the Lexington, the Peaslee Expedition sets sail to Australia via the Mediterranean.


Robert Blake makes his way across Providence, Rhode Island to visit Free-Will Church atop Federal Hill. While there, he discovers the skeletal remains of Edwin Lillibridge and the Shining Trapezohedron. Blake accidentally summons the Haunter of the Dark by staring into the depths of the stone.


31 - The Peaslee Expedition fords a branch of the De Grey and enters a region of "utter desolation."


Robert Blake finally unlocks the secret of the cryptogram in a notebook he found in the Free-Will Church. The text, in Aklo, describes the Shining Trapezohedron, and how it is used to summon the Haunter of the Dark.

3 - The Peaslee Expedition discovers the first of the half buried blocks. Nathaniel recognizes the block and the hieroglyphics that adorn it from those in his dreams. A month’s worth of digging yields a total of 1250 blocks.


During the first week of the month, Nathaniel Peaslee develops an unaccountable mixed feeling of the area to his northeast. He takes the habit of going on long walks toward that area at night.

Citizens of Providence, Rhode Island who live near the Free-Will Church begin to whisper of the stirrings, bumpings, and scrapings inside the church ever since Blake violated it.

11 - Nathaniel Peaslee discovers a block belonging to the dark masonry of the Flying Polyps during one of his nocturnal walks.

12 - Peaslee takes Dyer, Freeborn, Boyle, and his son out to find the dark basalt block he discovered the night before with no luck.

16-17 - A thunderstorm hits Providence, Rhode Island and put's the city's lights out for an entire hour. Those living near the Free-Will Church describe vicious flopping and bumping in the main building of the church during this absence of light.

17 - The Journal carries the story of the noises in the Free-Will Church. Reporters of the Bulletin enter the Free-Will church to investigate, and find the area in shambles, a terrible odor everywhere, and bits of yellow stain and charring. They do not find the skeleton or the Shining Trapezohedron in the tower.

18 - Nathaniel Peaslee discovers the absolute truth of what happened to him during his spell of amnesia. He finds access to the city of his dreams and discovers the library where his own recollections of earth’s history has been stored for over 150,000,000 years. On his way out, he is chased by a Flying Polyp and barely escapes with his life.

30 - Robert Blake sleepwalks and awakes to find himself opening the trapdoor that leads into the upper tower of the Free-Will Church. In the following week, Blake takes his food by telephone and ties cords around his legs in knots tight enough to waken him if he tries to sleepwalk again.


8 - A great thunderstorm breaks around Providence, Rhode Island.

9 - At just prior to 1 a.m., Robert Blake attempts to telephone the power company, but the lines are dead. At 2:12 a.m., the lights go out all over Providence. Watchers around the Free-Will Church stand vigil with candles under umbrellas, but great gusts of winds blow the candles out. At 2:35 a.m, the Haunter of the Dark bursts from its confines in the church and rushes to Blake. A great blast of lightning banishes the beast, but not before Blake is killed.

Doctor Dexter investigates the church and finds the Shining Trapezohedron, along with numerous forbidden tomes. He tosses the stone into the deepest channel of the Narragansett Bay and keeps the volumes in his own library.


Month unknown

Australian physicist Nevel Kingston-Brown dies.


Month unknown

The Tsan-Chan empire dominates earth.


Month unknown

Nug-Soth, a magician of the dark conquerors of earth, lives.


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